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Agricultural Concrete

We used to look at the best and conducive things that are why our product range is suitable for use, either inside or out. Whether you are looking to build a new grain store, reconfigure your existing storage, or even diversity into other activities, our specialist sales team are on hand to guide and assist you through the range of products we offer and respond to any questions you may have.

Extortionate weather conditions will never be a hindrance to the precast concrete products because of its durability. Agricultural concrete products include:

  • Bunker silos
  • Cattle feed bunks
  • Cattle grids
  • Agricultural fencing
  • H-bunks
  • J-bunks
  • Livestock slats
  • Livestock watering troughs
  • Feed troughs
  • Concrete panels
  • Slurry channels and more.

So, what are the various applications the UK has been used in prestressed concrete panels?

  • Agricultural buildings
  • Grain stores
  • Silage clamps
  • Slurry stores
  • Livestock walling and;
  • General retaining walls

Alternatively, panels can be cast into a concrete foundation and used as a cantilever retaining wall.

Anaerobic Digestion

Legal responsibility; Waste residue ad crops should be put in the right place.

The environment must be watch and protect that is why our service is ideal for the safe storage of feedstock with the use of sealant that will provide a watertight barrier to prevent any harmful substances from escaping.
We offer a range of storage solutions, from small scale on-site digestion to large centralised facilities, giving you the option to adjust or move storage area or fixed into place, and providing a higher level of resistance loading and machinery impact.

Silage Clumps

Need a place for silage? We can provide a vigorous and structural solution!

To achieve good quality silage, good clamp management is one of the essential facto that will improve the nutritional quality and palatability of the product.

To provide safe secure silage, we produce a number of concrete units that can be bolted down in order to hold out the pressure.

Prestressed concrete panels can also be used as n alternative for a purpose-built silage clam. Panels were produced to most sizes and a range of thicknesses.

Bulk material storage

Storing your farm products?

We offer a perfect solution to your bulk materials in order to keep it systematic that concerns to pressure and will give you long term durable bulk storage solution to meet your need, or fixed into place, providing a secure base for those heavier load, depending on the nature of the bulk materials.

Dividing Walls

Yes to divisional!

To avoid filthiness and disorderly, our concrete dividing wall system offers the ability to have a temporary, freestanding, durable dividing wall to suit your needs. We can provide a secure division to your agricultural produce giving you the security that the wall will withstand the pressure of loading and impact of machinery.

Concrete Flooring Services

Why choose our concrete flooring service?

Durable Concrete Flooring for the Agricultural Sector. We can provide your farm or mill with durable concrete flooring made to last. You have your say with regards to your specification and will gladly do it to get the best possible results (from planning, designing, laying, and finishing).

Cost-effective Farm Flooring. We will ensure that all your concrete flooring will meet the high standards and the stability by using state-of-the-art machinery and technology, we have built agricultural flooring for every use imaginable (from grain stores, poultry shed, stables and barns, to service roads and large external yards).

Concrete Finishes for Agricultural Concrete Flooring. We will make sure you get the perfect mix for your agricultural flooring project, we will advise you on which concrete finish is most suited to your farming establishment. In addition, we can also suggest a concrete supplier.

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